The Management Committee of the Association sets out our current and future priorities. These are published in our Business Plan which contains information on our vision and our objectives for the next three years. It also contains our spending plans for the current year in the form of our budget and information about our performance and how the organisation is structured. An abridged version of our Business Plan can be downloaded here.

The Association's overarching vision is;

“To continue to provide good quality housing, promote innovation and encourage community involvement”

Our priorities for the next three years are;

  • Provide quality homes and services at the right price for our tenants
  • Focus on innovation and growth to deliver quality homes and services
  • Engage with our diverse communities
  • Review resident participation strategy
  • Addressing staff succession planning and develop the skills of our team
  • Ensure that the Association and our tenants are not significantly adversely affected by the introduction of Universal Credit.
  • To consider the risk that Brexit presents to our continuing ability to deliver for our tenants and others who rely on the services we provide