Allocations and Transfers

The Association has an open waiting list and anyone over the age of 16 can apply for rehousing. Our allocation policy gives priority to applicants who demonstrate an element of housing need as determined by our points system, such as overcrowding, underoccupation, medical need etc. We also have an agreement with South Lanarkshire Council to accept a quota of applicants from the Councils waiting list within a nomination arrangement and these applicants must also be in housing need to qualify for a house.

Mutual Exchanges

You may wish to exchange your house with a tenant of the Association. Permission must be granted by the Association and your landlord in order for the exchange to take place. You can view the up to date register by clicking here.

Applying for a House

Application forms are available on request from the office, either by post, or by calling in person. You can also complete an application form online. You should read the notes on applying for a house before you complete the application, you can read these here. Documentary evidence to confirm your current address is required with the completed form - this could be a copy bank statement, benefit book or something similar.

Apply for a House Online 

Your completed housing application will be assessed, pointed, and you will be contacted within approximately 14 days of receipt. If we have all the information we require, you will be advised in writing of your points total and placed on the waiting list until a suitable house becomes available. If you have zero points you will be placed on a deferred list, pending any change in your circumstances allowing access to the waiting list. If we do not have enough information to process your application we will write to you and advise what we require.