Internal Transfers

Tenants of the Association can apply for a transfer if they have carried out the tenancy to the Association's satisfaction, held a clear rent account for a twelve month period prior to the allocation and have no rechargeable repair accounts outstanding. Once again, housing need will be used to decide the priority for rehousing, however, the Association also allow up to 5% of our annual turnover to tenants wishing to move based on their own choice, i.e. where no current housing need exists.

Choice Based Transfers

The Association will allow 5% of lets each year to existing tenants wishing to exercise their wish to move through choice. This is in acknowledgement of the fact that the majority of our stock is tenement properties, and it is reasonable that some tenants may wish to be considered for a move to a house despite having no obvious housing need. Tenants wishing to move to another property of the same size in other areas within the Association's stock will also be considered in this category. The Association will occasionally advertise certain properties on our reception notice board to assist tenants within the area gain access to information about available choice based transfers, within the area.

Mutual Exchanges

You may wish to exchange your house with either another tenant of the Association or a tenant of an alternative landlord eg. South Lanarkshire Council or another Housing Association. Permission must be granted by the Association and the other landlord in order for the exchange to take place. If the Association has reason to believe that the person you wish to exchange with may be a problem tenant, we reserve the right to refuse the exchange. You can view the current mutual exchange list at the Associations office.

If you would like further information on any aspect of the Association's Allocations Policy, a copy of the policy or a leaflet, then these are available on request from the office. We can also provide you with details of the HOMESWAPPER Scheme, which can assist people needing to move to another area.