The Housing Association has specific requirements for tenants, owners and staff on reporting and receiving repairs.

The Housing Association seeks to offer a repair service which will be responsive, efficient, cost effective and understood by tenants, owners, staff and contractors alike. By implementing these procedures it is hoped that all parties will recognise the difference in response times for certain categories of repairs, whilst maintaining a degree of flexibility necessary for the running of any repair system.

To report a repair either during office hours or an emergency out of hours phone 0800 1693379 - this is a freephone number.

Alternatively you can use our online form or e-mail for routine repairs only, emergency repairs should be reported as soon as possible by calling the number above. Please include as much detail in the e-mail as possible and a contact telephone number.

Emergency Repairs

The procedure currently in use is as follows:

Emergency Repairs fall under specific categories and should not be used as a means of tenants and owners reporting minor repairs.

Emergency Repairs fall under the following headings:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Gas Escape
  • Power Failure
  • Break-in

When an emergency occurs out with normal working hours tenants are requested to phone the Association and follow the pre-recorded instructions on their answering service. They will be directed to Building Maintenance personnel who will determine the course of action to be taken.

Where a permanent repair cannot be affected at once then a temporary repair must be carried out in the interim period.

Costs arising out of an emergency repair for owner-occupiers will be charged through their Common Factoring Agreement

Emergency Repair Systems and Procedures will be printed on Rutherglen & Cambuslang Housing Association publications with contact telephone numbers for tenant and owner information

Tenants and residents found falsifying emergency repair requests will be counter charged accordingly with the contractors time.