Notes on how to complete this form can be downloaded here

Before you start

It is important that the notes accompanying this application are read before the form is completed. If housing is required by two people currently living apart, then two seperate forms should be completed. The completion of this application should not be taken as an indication that a house will eventually be offered to the applicant.

1. Personal information

2. Previous addresses

Please give details of your previous addresses:

3. Current accommodation

4. Tenure type

5. Size of household

Who are they?

Details of persons to be rehoused with you and their present address if different to your own; If you have access to a child please state how many nights they stay with you and provide written confirmation from an ex-partner or lawyer. Further evidence may be required at a later date.

6. Health / miscellaneous

By this we mean a condition which as a long term and substantial effect on your ability to carry out normal day to day activities.

Is it?

Please complete a medical form bearing in mind that we have tenement stock stating which floor level you would be comfortable with. You can complete this form on the website.

7. Sexual offences declaration

Strict confidentiality of this information will be observed, although transfer of this information will be made to the council's designated officer, in charge of monitoring and liaison with the police.

8. Arrears

9. South Lanarkshire Council

We recommend that you apply to South Lanarkshire Council for housing. Contact the Questions & Answers office to obtain a Homefinder application form: 0845 740 6080

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10. Connection to RCHA

11. Reason for application

12. Areas

We have houses in the Mill Road estate, Halfway, Central Cambuslang, The Circuit and outlying areas of Rutherglen, as well as our tenement stock in central Rutherglen.

As the turnover in some of these areas is very low, you may have to wait for a while if you are specifying a particular area.

Indicate below which areas you wish to be considered for:

13. Monitoring Information

Please select all that apply

14. Declarations

The following declaration should be read carefully before signing

At least one piece of recent documentary evidence confirming your residence at the address you are applying from must be included with this application; This could be a photocopy of a benefit book, bank statement, or some recent mail. Further proof may be required at a later date.

Failure by you to produce this information will result in your application being returned.

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I certify that the information given in this application is correct and complete, and I consent to the Association making such enquiries as may be necessary to confirm the information provided by me.

I agree to advise the Association of any change of circumstances which may affect this application. I understand that any false or misleading information, or information deliberately withheld, may result in the suspension or cancellation of my application, or any offer of tenancy being immediately withdrawn, or where a tenancy has been granted this may result in action being taken to terminate the tenancy.